What is Goalchieve?
Goalchieve is a free platform where you will get personalised answers to all Your business or career Questions.

It's a place that connects Startups, Mentors, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Professionals.

Place, where you can share your experience with others, and help them to achieve their Goals.

Place, where you can inspire and get inspired!

Place that tells success story. Your success story!
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How it works?
1. You create your Goal

Goal is a simply a question, in which you tell users what you want to achieve.
2. Other users respond

They suggest what you should do first, or ask additional questions to get more information, and provide you with even better answers.

You select the answer you find most useful.
3. You continue

You refer to previously selected answer, and ask another, follow-up question. And you get new answers. And again. And again. As many times as you need to achieve your Goal!

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What Users think?
Through Goalchieve, I received valuable support, suggestions and insights from smart people all over the world. It guided me, inspired me, motivated me and expanded my network. All for free.
Ross Campbell, from rosscampbell.me
Overall Idea is Excellent (...)
I do really love the design and UI. It's easy-to-read, easy-to-look-at, it's just great!
Olga Braude, Co-founder of startiew.com
Goalchieve is an easy-to-use, well-organized site for getting input on how to tackle personal and business challenges, providing instant access to a diverse group of subject matter experts
Matt Collins, from iammattcollins.com
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Our Values
Why write about values, if we can use this space to pitch you further?

Because we believe in values more than in anything else, so once you join Goalchieve, we will hope you’ll share those values with the rest of our members.

We believe in being good and doing good.

We believe in sharing. Sharing knowledge, sharing experience, sharing advice, sharing smile, sharing even the smallest gestures, that in the long run, turn into life-transforming experiences.

We believe in big power of small steps. We won’t let you be overwhelmed with long, complex responses. They are hard to follow, they are stiff, they look scary, they think you’re a robot waiting for a set of procedures to process. We don’t, we know you’re a Person. We want to guide you, step by step, towards your Goal.

We believe in customisation. You are unique,your business is unique, you have unique skills and abilities, unique experience under your belt. The only “How-to” guide that isn’t an offence to your uniqueness, is the one that you are about to write yourself, with the help of other members.
We believe in motivation and determination. Everything is achievable. Don’t discsourage and don’t get discouraged. Stick to your goal, be persistent, even stubborn if required. Stubborn can be a good thing! Stay focused!

We believe in helping each other. Give answers. Visit other people’s goals. Vote up the answers, help users make choices. Visit profiles, make friends. Share the goal or answer on Facebook and Twitter, let others know what’s going on. Create your goal and achieve it — nothing is more inspiring than your success. Inspire and get inspired!

We believe in working together. Goalchieve is your online Mastermind Group. The best advice can come from your neighbour or from singaporian asset manager. Best advice can come from You. Share it.

We believe in great minds united.

We believe in You!
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